Eco Friendly Phone Cases

eco friendly phone cases

Those looking for a more eco-friendly phone case will be pleased to find a variety of options on the market. The LifeProof See and Next cases use recycled plastic, and both come in a range of colors, while the Pela case comes in subdued tones. But which one is the right fit for your lifestyle? Read on to discover more about these two popular eco-friendly phone cases. Here are the pros and cons of each of these products.

Engraver's Dungeon

If you're looking for a unique and eco friendly phone case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, consider an Engraver's Dungeon product. Their custom laser engraved cases are available in several colors and designs. Some of these cases have scents that mimic the fragrances of flowers and other plants. The best part? They're 100% recyclable. And, unlike other phone cases, they're not plastic.

This game offers players four tiers of Engravings: Standard, Premium, and Elite. Each tier provides different advantages. A player can choose from a few of them. For example, Propulsion boosts skill damage for 5 seconds after movement. This ability is not recommended for all classes, though, as the time window is not reliable. If you're an AoE build, a Super Charge can help you avoid combo-ing to death. It also increases Charge Damage.

A high quality eco-friendly phone case will protect your phone from damage. A good case should protect your phone from scratches and drops. It should also have raised edges to protect the phone's camera and display. When choosing an eco-friendly case, keep in mind the materials used in manufacturing it. Some are not 100 percent sustainably made, but they are still great for protecting your phone. The best case will be the one that protects your phone while also helping the environment.

One great way to protect your phone is by getting an eco-friendly case for your iPhone. Casetify makes biodegradable phone cases from bamboo, starch, and biopolymers. These cases are resistant to drop and are completely biodegradable. You can even have it customized, and add up to 15 characters. Buying one of these phone cases is an excellent way to make a statement about your environmental awareness.


Jeremy Lang, a Canadian, started Pela Case out of his desire to help the environment. Jeremy's passion for the environment was sparked when he saw plastic bags littering the beach. Lang decided to redesign cell phone cases to create a more eco-friendly alternative. Pela is a certified B corporation and donates 1% of sales to clean ocean initiatives. The company also donates $3 per product referral.

The Pela case is made from biodegradable plant materials, such as flax straw. This makes it perfect for the environment, since it does not add to pollution in landfills. And, unlike other cell phone cases, Pela cases do not cost a fortune - the company makes every single one in Canada! And they have an incredible range of styles to choose from! The only problem with buying a case is that the plastic itself does not degrade and does not look good after a few years!

Another eco-friendly cell phone case is made from bamboo. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant and requires no chemicals to grow. And it can be harvested annually. In addition to being biodegradable, bamboo is also highly durable. Otto Case, for example, makes phone cases out of bamboo. They come in budget-friendly designs and are strong enough to withstand a 26 foot drop. Other eco-friendly phone cases include Pela and LifeProof. There are even some regenerative cell phone cases that are made from cork and bamboo.

A Good Company, based in Sweden, creates eco-friendly phone cases by recycling waste and reusing it into bioplastics. This company uses discarded flax from harvesting and selling the plant and uses the leftovers from the farm to make its phone cases. The company also donates $1 from every case sold to an organization that fights plastic pollution. They also donate to local charities. This way, Pela is making a difference in the environment and helping people make a better choice.


POPSICASE makes environmentally friendly iPhone cases from 100% recycled fishing nets. The company is a part of NET VIVA, a program that aims to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the oceans. These recycled plastic pellets are then molded into a handy, eco-friendly case. Popsicase also collaborates with several entities to offset its carbon footprint and invest in reforestation projects.

The company's cases are made of renewable, biodegradable, and compostable materials, such as bamboo. They also contain a velcro closure, a credit card slot made of recycled plastic, and accent stitching. They are shipped in bulk and are carbon offset through the A Good Foundation. All proceeds from these eco-friendly phone cases are donated to this non-profit. These eco-friendly phone cases are designed to protect the phone from drops up to four feet.

Another company that focuses on eco-friendly phone cases is Wave. This company makes cases for iPhones and a few Samsung models. They are incredibly affordable for what they offer, and are also 100% biodegradable. And their shipping is plastic-free and carbon-neutral. So what are you waiting for? Try Popsicase eco-friendly phone cases today! You'll be glad you did.

Pela phone cases are made of a bio-degradable elastomer made from leftover flax straw. They are completely free from BPA, phthalates, and heavy metals. They meet the child safety standards of all developed nations. Although Pela phone cases aren't home compostable, they do break down quickly in industrial composting facilities. If you have a phone with a plastic case, consider Pela.

Loam & Lore

Loam & Lore makes 100% plastic-free, eco-friendly phone cases and offers recycled packaging. These environmentally friendly phone cases fit most standard cell phones and feature precise hole positioning and stylish designs. All of their products are made from compostable wheat straw plant material with a bamboo or recycled wooden back. The company even contributes to the UN's Global Goals by providing a donation for every product sold.

Pela phone cases are soft and flexible, featuring offbeat designs and a track record of contributing to a greener world. Wave eco friendly phone cases are stylish and affordable, bringing a splash of color to any phone. Loam & Lore eco friendly phone cases are slightly pricier than Wave, but they support non-profit The Amazon Conservation Team. The company has a wide range of designs and colors that are sure to complement any phone.

Pela, another company that makes eco-friendly phone cases, plants a tree for every case it sells and donates 1% of their profits to environmental groups. They also use wireless charging capabilities and deliver their phone cases in plastic-free packaging. As one of the first companies to create a compostable phone case, Pela has committed itself to eliminating one billion pounds of plastic from the environment by 2028.

Popsicase, a Barcelona-based company that makes mobile accessories using 100% recycled materials, has several circular economy certifications. Its sustainable approach reduces plastic pollution in the ocean and offsets its CO2 emissions by reusing used fishing nets. Its cases can be recycled and you can buy these items in any store or online. The company sells these products worldwide, so you can feel good about your purchase.


For the most part, the plastics used in Incipio eco friendly phone cases are recyclable and biodegradable. One example is the Organicore case. This biodegradable and compostable case is 100% plant-based, reducing landfill waste and returning the product to its original environment. However, there are some eco-friendly options available as well. If you're looking for the most eco-friendly phone case, Organicore may be the perfect choice for you.

The organicore case from Incipio is made from plant-based material called Organicore. It is durable and compostable, and offers an eight-foot drop-protection rating. It is also recyclable, thanks to Incipio's partnership with Close the Loop USA, which is responsible for supplying packaging made from recycled materials. Ultimately, this reduces the amount of plastic products going into landfills, and makes it easier for the average consumer to live a greener lifestyle.

Another option is the Pela hemp hurd phone case. The hemp hurd is a by-product of the hemp industry, and the hemp fibers can be used in many other products without pesticides. Wilma, a sustainable tech accessory company, donates a portion of its profits to environmental charities. Another eco-friendly option is the Pela hemp phone case, which is completely compostable and makes fewer CO2 emissions than traditional phone cases. In fact, Pela cases have prevented the production of 290,461 pounds of plastic.

The Incipio Eco Friendly Phone Cases come in different colors and materials. Organicore is made from plant-based bio-plastics. Organicore eco-friendly phone cases cost $60 to $75. The Organicore cases fit Apple iPhone 11 Pro. You can also find cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Pro, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. These cases will keep your phone safe from scratches and damage while protecting the environment.

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