A Fake Cruz Climate Change Tweet

ted cruz climate change tweet

The fabricated "Cruz climate change tweet" circulated widely on social media this week. It was not posted to his verified Twitter account, nor does it appear on websites that track public officials' tweets. It was circulated in response to an uproar over Cruz's trip to Cancun this winter, which came during a deadly winter storm that left millions without electricity. Some people saw the storm as evidence that climate change is a reality.

Cruz's real Twitter account shows he didn't tweet about climate change on September 8, 2016

Ted Cruz's real Twitter account shows he never tweeted about climate change on September 8, 2016. This is an important detail because, as a noted denier of climate change, Cruz has said that the consensus of climate scientists doesn't cut it for him. Cruz also denied climate change claims for years, but recently admitted to stretching the truth about his trip to Mexico.

On November 15, 2016, Sweet's nonpartisan Citizens for a Strong Democracy group, which focused on improving public confidence in election systems, suggested that Cruz certify Biden's election. Sweet was intimately familiar with the false claims used to rescind Biden's victory. Sweet advised Cruz that if he continued to challenge the election results, he would lose his supporters. Ultimately, Cruz refused to follow the advice.

In a related case, a post by the Occupy Democrats on Instagram has been deleted after CNN pointed out the inaccuracy. In addition, Cruz has tweeted on several other occasions on climate change. In one instance, he called for more energy conservation in California, while another tweet claims he "hated" power outages in Texas.

Nevertheless, this incident should not have come as a surprise. The Republican Party is trying to keep President Trump in the White House. In other words, Trump and Cruz have collaborated to keep him in office. They both worked together to keep Trump in power. And they have worked hand in hand to stop the nomination of Joe Biden. But in the end, the Republican party lost. That's where the real problem lies.

The real Cruz Twitter account also proves he didn't tweet about climate change in the days after the election. Despite this fact, the far-right had taken advantage of Cruz's name by claiming that he did not tweet about climate change on September 8, 2016. In the aftermath, the hashtag became a rallying cry for Democrats and Republicans in 2020.

The Republican National Committee's probe of the Capitol attack on the GOP headquarters also has an interest in Cruz's efforts to sabotage the election. After all, the Republican Party has been dividing the country for decades. It's no surprise that a Republican candidate who's been vocal about climate change was unable to defeat the Democratic candidate in 2016.

Cruz's response to O'Rourke

While many Democrats have condemned Beto O'Rourke for his latest tweet, Ted Cruz is sticking by his position. The Texas senator was attacked by Beto for not standing up to President Trump on the Russia investigation. But Cruz responded to the Democrat's criticism by saying that the movement had done a lot of good for the country. "I'm not for socialized medicine," he said.

Beto O'Rourke's recent tweet about "farm to table" dining, the answer to the food desert problem facing impoverished urban areas, quickly drew fire on the internet. But, while the idea of a "farm to table" dining experience has merit, many have interpreted it as an elitist worldview or a clickbait story. But the reality is a little more complicated.

It's hard to understand why O'Rourke would take such a harsh stance against the issue. But in Cruz's defense, he praised O'Rourke for his "passionate" stand on climate change, and compared him to his Democratic rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. However, his campaign's response has stung some Texas Republicans. While the campaign could have done more early on to stop O'Rourke's momentum, they responded with discipline and efficiency. The resulting results show that Cruz has a nine-point lead. And only nine percent of likely voters said that they could change their minds before the election.

O'Rourke's recent tweet is a striking example of the partisan divide in the United States. O'Rourke is a moderate Democrat, but he's no Congressional Progressive Caucus member. In fact, he belongs to the New Democrat Coalition with Bill Clinton and is a "moderate Democrat" who seeks a bipartisan solution to issues. O'Rourke's climate change tweet reveals that he is not entirely opposed to universal health care.

Although the Democratic Party has its own Texas farm team, they can't compete without a charismatic standard-bearer like Beto O'Rourke. Beto O'Rourke's campaign has hired a full staff to hit every county in Texas and hold town halls. Despite the fact that he isn't running for president in 2020, O'Rourke has offered an open-ended farewell to his supporters.

While Beto O'Rourke's statement was not true, the comments made by Ted Cruz imply that O'Rourke is not well-informed about climate change. Climate change, he says, is an issue of government power and he doesn't understand the impacts of climate change. Then again, "uninhabitable" means something other than water. If he didn't know what he was talking about, perhaps it would be more accurate to state that the senator's son is a member of a Democrat.

Beto O'Rourke's tweet has earned widespread support from green organizations. His lifetime score with the League of Conservation Voters is 95 percent. He's also a proponent of natural gas development and considers it vital to the country's security. In fact, he's twice voted to lift a 40-year-old ban on the export of crude oil, and voted against the limit on offshore drilling.

Cruz's apology for fleeing Texas amid weather crisis

On Wednesday, Ted Cruz's office declined to comment on the storm, but pictures circulated on social media of him in Cancun and Houston. The senator's trip came as millions of people across Texas were without power and water due to freezing temperatures. In response, Cruz's team sought assistance from Houston police officers, but they were told not to return until after the storm had passed. A public outcry ensued, and the senator later cancelled his flight.

The trip was unscheduled, and the senator apologized for being absent from home and the state. Thousands of people protested outside of his home in Texas on Thursday, and he later walked back to the Capitol to apologize. As a result of his apology, many people have called for his resignation. While he apologized for his lack of leadership during the storm, the public hasn't been pleased.

Although the senator defended his decision, his statement isn't exactly a full apology. The Democrat's office did not mention the fact that he had gone to Cancun to "be a good dad." The state representative didn't take the picture himself, but one of his friends, Sima Ladjevardian, did. Despite the public outcry, Cruz later apologized for his decision and returned the next day to help Texas residents deal with the disaster.

While the senator is normally a prolific tweeter, he was reportedly scrambling to get back to Texas. After arriving in Mexico, Cruz released a statement in which he said he'd been there to be a good dad and would return to Texas on Thursday. There's no indication, however, how long he was in Mexico, although a Skift journalist reported that he booked his flight for 6 a.m.

Senator Ted Cruz apologized for his decision to leave Texas amid the weather crisis. He had previously said he planned to go on vacation for "one day" and was concerned about the situation. However, after boarding the plane to Mexico, he suddenly had second thoughts and returned home. While the weather conditions remained dire, Ted Cruz's dog Snowflake was cared for by a security guard.

In a video obtained by the Dallas Morning News and Al Dia, Cruz defended his flight to Cancun airport, where he was flanked by a police escort. On Twitter, Cruz had mocked Austin's mayor, Steve Adler, for using a private jet to fly to Cabo San Lucas during the storm. Cruz's tweet went viral and Cruz was called out by the Democratic Party.

During the storm, Cruz's office asked the Houston police department for assistance. On Twitter, Cruz was retweeting tweets about power outages and warnings about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. But the senator's response to these requests was far from sincere. Indeed, he has a long-established history of tweeting blunders, contradictions, and misrepresentation.

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